Georeferenced PDF Maps

These days, most mobile devices have a reasonably accurate built in GPS and come loaded with Google or Apple Maps.  This works great for getting around the city, but isn't too helpful in areas without decent basemaps.  Luckily, many programs now allow you to attach location information, or georeference, a PDF map when it's created.  Other apps can then use these PDFs as a basemaps and use your GPS to show your location.  

The driving maps available for download from this site are georeferenced, and the PDF Maps App from Avenza is very simple to set up and use on your phone.   Click the icon to link to Avenza's website and get the app, then download the maps you need from us and follow the steps below to import them.   

If this sounds like to much of a pain for you to bother with, don't worry, our PDFs will work just fine in a normal PDF reader.

Click the link below to get the PDF Maps App, and follow these steps to load our maps into the program.

1) Install PDF Maps and open app
2) Import a new map ( plus icon in top banner)
3) Browse to the downloaded map on your device
4) Click the map to open, your location will be shown.

Click here to get PDF Maps App